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About Me

I'm Louis Eightecs. I've been listening to Nintendo music since I was a kid. I've always considered making retro game music but it wasn't until 2005 that I got a little more serious and actually finished some tracks. I've been dealing with online compilations for Infinite Game Music and listening to huge amounts of chiptunes and game music, perhaps that's where my inspiration finally came from.


Feel free to email me your comments and thoughts. You can also visit my page at Myspace if you like to stream some tunes or just add a comment.


Thanks for your time.




Latest Single Tracks

Nuclear Balloon Chase

[10.12.06] [NSF]

After several months of hard work, here's the result. Nuclear Balloon Chase features sweet pop melodies on top of an aggressive action chase tune. Inspiration includes Goto80, Kyuss, Naruto, TSR-Otto, Chibi-Tech, Mach Rider, Balloon Fight and Punch-Out.


Digital Skog

[07.10.06] [NSF]

Digital Skog (or Digital Forest in English) is a sweet little tune started by Otto from the amazing band TSR. TSR are true masters of the chip and I'm very glad I could work with Otto on this tune. It turned out pretty decent with loads of arps and fun effects.


Shinobi Stage 1

[03.10.06] [NSF]

Version 1.2. Original (c) Sega 1987.



Off We Go

[13.08.06] [NSF]

The result of a study of different techniques among them Rushjet1 and Naruto.




Latest News



Highway Action is now available for download in native NSF format. This package contains eight NSF files. The easiest way to listen to these files is to install NSFPlay which is a stand-alone player. If you have Winamp installed you can download the NSFPlug plug-in instead. Both are available for download at Digital Sound Antiques.






My first chiptune compilation Highway Action is out. It contains eight fast paced NES tracks, one of them together with fellow chip composer Robert Kreese (Rubb|sh). You can download it here (MP3, 13 MB).





Track list

01. Highway Action

02. Selection Screen

03. Cruising Kung Fu

04. Sweet Thief

05. Ritual

06. Heidi

07. Swedish Ninjas (with Robert Kreese)

08. Dopes To Infinity


Some thoughts

Selection Screen is just a small loop that I made with some sounds from Cruising Kung Fu. I thought it could fit a screen in a game where you choose a car before starting the race.


Dopes To Infinity is a cover. The original song was made by Monster Magnet in 1995.


Swedish Ninjas is a lame name that I came up with. Rubb|sh (Robert Kreese) approached me and asked if I wanted to compose a track with him. I was very flattered that he asked and we submitted the result to japanese NES music competition Famicompo.


All tracks composed with Famitracker using only the 2A03 chip.



Many thanks to the people at for all hints and constructive criticism. You'll find many fantastic composers there, many of them much better musicians than I'll ever be.


Special thanks to Rubb|sh for letting me use instruments and loops. Also, many thanks to Chibi-Tech, Naruto, RushJet1, Alex Mauer and SLiVeR for chiptune inspiration. Eventually, super special thanks to jsr for developing Famitracker.


Photos being used are from the archive.





I'm opening this little site to release my chiptune music. My compilation Highway Action will be released in a couple of days so please stay tuned.