Current volumes:

Infinite Game Music Vol. 8


The first true theme album in the Infinite Game Music series, Town Music by Stephen Tanner features 21 town and street tracks from RPGs, fighting games, puzzles and platform games. Get it!


Infinite Game Music Vol. 7


A milestone in the Infinite Game Music series, Vol.7 features an impressive tracklist of 26 tunes compiled entirely by Baron Knoxburry known from Battle of the Bits. Get it!

Featured Tune  

USK - Little Sound Disko #6

Japanese chiptune oracle USK delivers true melodic GameBoy techno in Little Sound Disko #6. Find the entire tune on Infinite Game Music Vol.6!



Infinite Game Music Vol.9 Released!

YES! The much anticipated Vol.9 is finally out. After a year of busy schedules and fans of the series knocking on our virtual doors we've managed to put together yet another volume.

Compiled by game music aficionado Surlaw The Mai, Infinite Game Music Vol.9 - Boss Battles is loaded with 15 tracks of pure darkness and intense action. This volume is heavy on the NES and SNES consoles but also features tracks from arcade, PS3 and Sega Master System. And it's yours to keep!

I would also like to thank our graphical artist Elly Sketchit for making a terrific job with the dark Zelda II Guardian/Mega Man hybrid.

Posted by Lou 14 November 2009



Vol.9 - Almost there!

It has been a long wait but the latest volume is amost done. Signed Surlaw The Mai this new compilation sports fifteen intense and dark tracks mostly from NES and the SNES consoles. Give it a week or two and visit us for the new release. At no charge as always of course :D

Edit: We've scheduled the release of Vol.9 to November 14th. Come back by then and get your copy!

Posted by Lou 06 November 2009



Infinite Game Music Update!

It has been over a year since our last release, but Infinite Game Music is not dead! I've just been terribly busy with my own music, work and some private issues for the last year.

I would like to thank all of you that have shown interest in this project. I wouldn't care to make these compilations if no one were listening to them. Luckily, there are plenty of listeners out there and I recieve a fair amount of email from listeners that truly enjoy the volumes which of course, makes me really glad.

I noticed an increasing interest in chiptune and video game music some year or two ago. Today, there seems to be even more interest in this genre which is really cool. In the latest issue of English mag Future Music for example, a guy asks of ways to make chiptune music. Future Music answers and sheds a little light on the chiptune scene and states that several modern artists also have been incorporating chiptune-style sounds into their music. I've been experiment myself a bit with a modern tool like Reason along with stuff created in Famitracker (true 8-bit Nintendo sound freeware software). The results are quite interesting. :)

How about Infinite Game Music? Well, we're planning for a new Vol.9. I hope it can be ready in about a month, which would be at the end of September. If you have any ideas of a concept for this volume please email them to me. Even if you've done so already, email me your suggestions again, I will definetely consider all ideas.

Rock on!

EDIT: This is going to be a real cool theme volume. The release date has been postponed a couple of weeks but I really hope we can have this volume out during October! Please keep visiting for more updates.

Posted by Lou 17 September 2009



Infinite Game Music Vol.8 Released!

It's here at last! The new Vol.8 also known as Town Music is a theme album compiled by Stephen Tanner. It sports 21 tracks from RPG towns, fighting streets, platform cities and more! Stephen is a scientist living in San Diego and is a huge fan of VGM and chiptune. Like I also did when I was a kid, he used to collect video game music by holding a walkman up against the television.

I'm very satisfied with Stephen's game music knowledge and his ability to compile this complex album.

The cover art was made in just a couple of days by pixel artist Dmauro (Dave Mauro). "I was kind of thinking about in Simon's Quest how the city goes from night to day/good to evil and how towns in videogames are either bright and cheery or dark and devious." he says. Both Stephen and I totally digged Dave's work.

Now go get it!

Posted by Lou 15 August 2007



Infinite Game Music Vol.8 Scheduled!

As the IGM series evolve new ideas are born and new people guests us with cool ideas. The new compilation is in the making, this time it's a  theme album featuring around 20 tracks.

During the first seven volumes we've focused quite a bit on NES music. I've been looking forward to focus more on other platforms. Vol.8 will feature less NES and more arcade and Genesis music instead. It's scheduled for release around July 20th.

Keep visiting us for more information!

Edit: I apologize for the delay of this volume. We are working on the cover art it should be out in a week or two. Please be patient! =)

Posted by Lou 2 July 2007



Infinite Game Music Vol.7 Released!

Introducing IGM Vol.7, a milestone in the Infinite Game Music series. Why you might ask? Well, it's the first volume compiled entirely by someone else without me getting involved.

Vol.7 is made by no other than Baron Knoxburry from Battle of the Bits with graphics by his sidekick u.i.

I'm totally blown away by the Baron's compilation. It's so professionally executed with superb selections and track manipulations never used before on Infite Game Music. He's made an awesome job reviving tracks from really old games like Balloon Fight and Excite Bike seamlessly mixing them with newer ones from games like R-Type and Sonic the Hegdhog 2.

Have a look at this impressive volume now!

Posted by Lou 09 April 2007



Infinite Game Music Vol.7 Scheduled!

A new volume in the Infinite Game Music series has been scheduled for release Monday April 2nd.

Expect game music with a twist when Vol.7 hit the virtual shelves. This special release will also be powered by custom made artwork. Don't miss it!

Edit: We had to postpone the release to next Monday April 9th. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but I promise we've been working very hard with this compilation. See you next monday and look forward to a killer release and a milestone in the Infinite Game Music series!

Posted by Lou 02 April 2007



Virt - FX3

The true master of chiptunes returns with FX3, an amazing release on 8bitpeoples. This is by far the most professional chiptunes I've ever heard featuring fantastic melodies, guitar and piano simulations in true 8-bit style. You'll notice a lot of influences including the TMNT, Castlevania and Gradius series but also classical, samba and bossanova music. Everything delivered in a flawless blend.

FX3 is unbelievably available for free download from 8bitpeoples. Go get it now!

Posted by Lou 08 Jan 2007



Gamewave Podcast

The Gamewave Podcast is a podcast presented in the style of a music radio show. The show plays video game style music and is presented by Joe Allen and Mike Cook, two members of the band Spheres of Chaos. The show aims to provide listeners with entertainment, as well as promoting the artists featured and video game music in general.

The new episode 18 is available, it features the track Highway Action by yours truly. Many thanks to Joe Allen, I'm very flattered for being covered on the same episode as Sliver, Random and disasterPEACE.

Posted by Lou 09 Dec 2006



C64 Orchestra Trailer

I've talked about the C64 Orchestra before. The C64 Orchestra performs classic C64 tunes live. They've just released a new exciting trailer. Watch it here!

Posted by Lou 31 Oct 2006



Infinite Game Music Vol.6 Released!

To deliver the best chiptune blend ever, Lou Eightecs teamed up with pixelart master Dmauro (David Mauro) and Virt's chipmusic loving fiance TrueStar (Kristi H.) to create Infinite Game Music Vol.6.

Including chip musicians such as USK, disasterPEACE and Jon Baken along games like Shinobi 3, Double Dragon and Earthbound, this installment of the series kicks ass harder than ever before!

Get it now!

Posted by Lou 15 Oct 2006



Vol.5 new version!

"What the hell is this?" you might ask. Well, a while ago I read somewhere that it was "too bad the quality of the compilation is a little low". Hmmm, that's not true, I thought. Then a couple of weeks ago I sent some other compilations to dmauro who also asked me if I've done something with the volume levels. "What the hell?"

I started to check my software, plugins and everything and found that I've actually had an equalizer activated that wasn't suppose to be on. This equalizer was also on when I worked with Vol.5! So, I started over again and now that I'm finished I can clearely hear that the sound quality of the old version is crap.

I'm terrible sorry for this inconvenience, there is a new improved version available for download! I've also made some small changes to Delta (longer version), IK+ (higher volume) and Actraiser (better transition).

Posted by Lou 8 Oct 2006



Infinite Game Music Vol.6 Scheduled!

The next volume in the Infinite Game Music series has been scheduled. It will be released on Infinite Game Music's birthday, October 15th! The compilation was supposed to be out this month but it's a little bit delayed. I can assure you though it's worth waiting for!

See you soon :)

Posted by Lou 29 Sept 2006



Preparing for IGM Vol.6!

Alright, Inifinite Game Music Vol.6 is in the making and we're planning for a release later in September! We've invited a couple of special guests who will select their favorite tracks just to make sure this volume kicks ass as hard as possible. I'm very excited about this so please keep coming back so you don't miss your copy.

Posted by Lou 30 Aug 2006



C64 Orchestra

We featured Rob Hubbard's classic C64 piece Monty On The Run on Infinite Game Music Vol.3. We also said that we would like to see it being played at concert halls.

Well, our wishes came true. The C64 Orchestra is an orchestra from The Netherlands that has being working with Jeroen Tel and Rob Hubbard himself on different pieces such as Monty On The Run, International Karate and Cybernoid 2. Their first performance has been scheduled for September 22th, 2006 in The Netherlands. Those of you who have the opportunity to attend this show shouldn't miss it!

Please visit their Myspace page to listen to some of the rehearsals.

Posted by Lou 20 Aug 2006



Eightecs - Highway Action

I've being playing around with the superb NES music creation tool Famitracker.

The result is a small online EP called Highway Action. It contains eight fast paced action tracks. Don't expect too much, I'm a beginner and it's just for fun but I think it turned out pretty decent.

Get it here! :)

Posted by Lou 04 Aug 2006



Live performances

Don't miss these live chiptune performances:

TSR vs Tunnan Live at Svajbar Stockholm 2006 - Totally wicked but very good techno/chiptune show (56MB).

Hally Live at Chiptune Japan Tour Osaka 2006 - Hally from VORC in full chiptune glory (32 MB).

Posted by Lou 01 Aug 2006




I was a little optimistic when we started the newsletter. I thought we could provide you with quality chiptune news at least once a month, but I was wrong. It takes time to write good news and our focus and efforts should be on the music compilations. Thus, the newsletter disappears and we'll see if it returs in the future or not.

We recommend you to visit chiptune news site VORC. Hally and his team has delivered high quality chiptune news for over five years and he keeps doing a fantastic job. All respect to him/them.

Posted by Lou 27 Jul 2006



More Famicompo Mini

The one and only Chibi-Tech has been so kind to make mp3's of every Famicompo mini entry! :D

The voting phase of the competition ends July 30th so have a listening and don't forget to vote. Read more on how to vote on Chibi-Tech's page.

Get the covers here, and the originals here.

Thanks Chibi-Tech!

Posted by Lou 20 Jul 2006



Alex Mauer - Blast

Alex Mauer's lastest compilation Blast was released last week by online music label 8bitpeoples. It's a soundtrack to an imaginary space shooter that he began 15 years ago. You can hear young Alex introducing each track.

Alex Mauer is one of our favorite chip composers at the moment and we really recommend you to get your hands on this compilation!

Posted by Lou 11 Jul 2006



John Romero listens to Infinite Game Music

John Romero, designer of Doom and Quake back in the day seems to be ejoying our compilations. I think this is really cool as I've always been a fan of John. Cheers!

Posted by Lou 22 Jun 2006



Famicompo mini vol.3

In only a couple of weeks, composers will be able to submit their entries to NES music competition Famicompo mini vol.3. This is by far the largest competition for NES music and you'll find a lot of terrific music there. Pay a visit to the site today and listen to entries from prior years.

Posted by Lou 20 Jun 2006



Infinite Game Music Vol.5 Released!

Infinite Game Music Vol.5 has finally hit the virtual shelves. Powered by custom-made art by David Mauro and summoning chiptune legends such as Virt and Role Model as well as games like Actraiser, Castlevania 2 and Delta, this dark action volume is not to be missed!

What are you wating for? Get it!

Update: The links on the Vol.5 page are now updated. Some of the texts were also slightly modified.

Posted by Lou 24 May 2006



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