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Infinite Game Music Vol.9

 Released 14 November 2008

Boss Battles is the second theme album in the Infinite Game Music series. This volume compiled by Surlaw The Mai is heavy on the NES and SNES consoles and features 15 dark action boss tracks. Graphics by Elly Sketchit from air-lobster.com.

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Infinite Game Music Vol.8

 Released 15 August 2007

The first true theme album in the Infinite Game Music series, Town Music by Stephen Tanner features 21 town and street tracks from a plethora of games. RPGs, fighting games, puzzles and platform games included. Graphics by Dmauro.

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Infinite Game Music Vol.7

 Released 09 April 2007

A milestone in the Infinite Game Music series, Vol.7 features an impressive tracklist of 26 tunes compiled entirely by Baron Knoxburry known from Battle of the Bits. You'll find two complete OST's and a lot of delicately tweaked tunes in this impressive volume. Graphics by venezuelan pixel artist u.i.

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Infinite Game Music Vol.6

 Released 15 Oct 2006

Infinite Game Music Vol.6 features 15 chiptunes and video game music tracks handpicked by TrueStar, Dmauro and Lou EightecsGet your copy now!



Infinite Game Music Vol.5

 Released 24 May 2006

Set in a dark melancholic mood and powered by custom made art by the one and only David Mauro, Infinite Game Music Vol.5 delivers 17 solid power tracks. Get it here!



Infinite Game Music - Chiptune EP 2

 Released 29 March 2006

Chiptune EP 2 is modelled as a game soundtrack. It sports an intro track by X-Ray, two in-game tracks by Funky Fish and Alex Mauer and eventually an ending track by TentoGo get it!



Infinite Game Music Vol.4

 Released 08 March 2006

Totally packed with action, Vol.4 features a lot of Konami music as well as tunes from Metal Slug X, Goldeneye 007 and Quake. It also features some of the coolest contemporary chiptune musicians such as Chibi-Tech and Tsu Ryu. Don't you dare miss this one!



Infinite Game Music Vol.3

 Released 23 January 2006

Featuring awesome music from composers such as Rob Hubbard, X-Ray, Koji Kondo and RushJet1, Vol.3 offers a balanced blend of different sounding tunes for your pleasure. Download Now!



Infinite Game Music - The Chiptune EP

 Released 16 December 2005

The Chiptune EP is a 4-track EP that features music from four awesome modern composers: Grzegorz Kwiatek, Virt, Naruto and Maktone. These are stand-alone tracks not found in video games. Four superb tunes from some of the best chiptune musicians out there. Download the album now and enjoy!



Infinite Game Music Vol.2

 Released 25 November 2005

The wait is over! Infinite Game Music vol.2 features 20 quality tracks from 7 different game systems and a special standalone chiptune. Get it now!



Infinite Game Music Vol.1

 Released 26 October 2005

Vol.1 features 18 tracks from a variety of games. You'll find a lot of game music by Konami on this volume as well as music by Capcom and others. Go get it!








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