Infinite Game Music is:

Louis Eightecs - Conceptual design, Artist/Tune Hunting, Articles, Sound engineering

We would like to thank old members of the team who aren't working with Infinte Game Music any longer. Many thanks to Soo-Mee and M. Ponce for their help in getting this project started!


Special Guests:

David Mauro - American painter renowned for his application of Renaissance technique in producing large scale pixelated allegories. David made the fantastic cover for Vol.5. He's also responsible for many tracks on Vol.6 as well as the playlist arrangement.

Kristi H. - Chiptune and video game lover. Kristi carefully selected tracks for Vol.6. Her fiance is the musician known as Virt.

Baron Knoxburry - Known from Battle of the Bits and the man behind the massive Vol.7.

u.i. - Venezuelan pixel artist who's behind the graphics in Vol.7.



Don't hesitate to contact us. Please refer to "Infinite Game Music" in the subject of your email otherwise it will be drowned among all spam.


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