Infinite Game Music Vol.3

 Released 23 January 2006


Perhaps the most balanced compilation to date, Infinte Game Music Vol.3 features tunes from Konami, Nintendo and Sega as well as chiptunes by awesome composers such as Covox, X-Ray and Naruto.

High-res versions of the paper covers are included in the album download.

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1. Covox

Someone told me it was love



Covox is one of the busiest chiptune musicians around. Every time you watch a show about chipmusic on TV, you'll see Covox featured behind mixer boards streaming out amazing 8-bit music.

Covox uses a Gameboy equipped with the popular music program LDSJ to deliver a delicate blend of melancholic electronica.

Someone told me it was love starts up with a synthetic flute been played by the ocean. You can hear the waves in the background and it reminds a bit about The Legend of Zelda - Link's Awakening. After this intro he totally takes it away with a fast paced action tune.

© Covox


2. The Legend of Zelda 2 - Link's Adventure



The Temple track in The Legend of Zelda 2 is a fantastic tune that immerses you into a epic adventure. Despite the lack of sampled instruments found in later games for the NES, this tune features an impressive sound. In the second part of the tune you can hear how the background instrument is played in a very special way. It makes the tune more vivid without adding more sound channels or samples. This technique became popular also among Konami musicians.

© Nintendo


3. F-Zero X

Dream Chaser


Dream Chaser is a futuristic rock tune filled with fantastic instruments and some very intense bass drums. It totally gives the feeling of flying at an enormous speed.

The style of the F-Zero X soundtrack is similar to the one of Outrun 2, another great racing game with good music.

© Nintendo


4. Gunstar Heroes

The Final Assault

Gunstar Heroes is an action game for the Sega Genesis (Megadrive in Europe) created by the legendary game studio Treasure. The soundtrack contains many great tunes including this one, The Final assault. It's a cool futuristic tune with good variation and awesome melody shifting.

© Sega



5. The Legend of Zelda - The Ocarina of Time

Spirit Temple

Spirit Temple from the game Zelda - The Ocarina of Time is an amazing ambient tune composed by Koji Kondo. It reminds me a bit of a tune by Jean Michel Jarre. It starts up with an impressive intro and after that it continues with a very calm mystical melody. It creates a great atmosphere in the game.

© Nintendo


6. Bucky O'Hare

Red Planet

This tune comes from Bucky O'hare, a space platform game for the NES. It kicks in with a typical sampled Konami drum and continues with the bass and the main instrument playing the same melody. Notice how the bass continues to play the same melody after the main instrument departs. It's really cool and the entire tune totally rocks.

© Konami



7. Super Mario 64

Koopa's Theme

Koopa's Theme is a techno track that features simple, yet effective drum play. It also features an oriental melody similar to some tracks from Zelda - The Ocarina of Time, also composed by the one and only Koji Kondo.

© Nintendo


8. Grzegorz Kwiatek

Bomb Song

Greg Kwiatek was featured on our heavily downloaded compilation The Chiptune EP with the tune Alive. Bomb Song sports once again one of Greg's sweet melodies atop of a heavy bass comp. This tune is heavier than Alive and includes arpeggios as well as snare drums and other sounds techniques.

© Grezegorz Kwiatek


9. Batman

Stage 1

Batman is definitely one of my favourite superheroes. This tune from the NES game plays very well with a neat melody and very good drum loops.

© Sunsoft


10. RushJet1

Konami's Moon Base



In the 80's and the early 90's Konami made tons of great soundtracks for games on the 8-bit Nintendo. Konami's music style is very characteristic featuring superb drum samples and some heavy bass comps. Many modern chiptune musicians have been inspired by the old Konami style, among them Virt who has composed many good pieces.

Another composer that really masters the sound chips of the NES is RushJet1. In this cover of Moon Base (from the game Duck Tales), RushJet1 enhances the tune in true Konami style while still keeping the feeling of the original.

Duck Tales is a game by Capcom, creators of the superb Megaman series. By mixing both styles, RushJet1 has created a heavy melodic action track. The original tune is very good but this cover is even better.

Also, check out more of RushJet1 at 8-bit people where you'll find his album Sounds of the 2A03 in mp3-format. It's impressive stuff so don't miss it!

© Capcom/RushJet1


11. Gradius 3

Mechanical Base

Mechanical Base is a neat tune from Gradius 3 with cool orchestral sounds and drum fills. Perhaps not a Konami masterpiece but it's still a solid space tune that should make anyone feel good.

© Konami


12. Monty On the Run

Main Theme

Ranked by many as a true Commodore 64 masterpiece, Monty on the Run is joy for the ears and is in my opinion Rob Hubbard's best piece ever. It begins sounding like a horror movie and develops into a fast paced adventure with plenty of things going on as the track proceeds.

Monty on the run is a true a classical piece. I would like to see it being played at concert halls by an entire orchestra.

© Sunsoft


13. Naruto



While not a chiptune per se, Oversky is another flawless piece by Japanese monster composer Naruto. Imagine a cool hidden stage in Pilotwings on the Super Nintendo. Your mission is to pilot a plane and make awesome stunts while the sun sets in the background.

Oversky is a track that goes on and on and adds all kinds of neat sounds. Like in many other tunes by Naruto there's always this little anime feeling. It's very cool in my opinion.

© Naruto


14. Ninja Gaiden 2

[Track x]

There are plenty of great tunes in the Ninja Gaiden series. This tune from Ninja Gaiden 2 is just a teaser of what you'll find in these amazing games.

© Tecmo


15. X-Ray

Nice Day

X-Ray is the other founder of the Atari music band Grayscale. He's written a lot of great stuff both with the Atari and with other hardware. We'll definitely cover more of X-Ray in later compilations but for now let's listen to the short but superb stereo track Nice Day.

© X-Ray


16. Golden Axe


Golden Axe was one of the coolest beat ‘em ups of the early 90's featuring a similar fighter line-up as Gauntlet. The music in Golden Axe is a kind of nostalgic battle music and suits the game very well.

The tune from the Battlefield is interesting as it features many improvisations while returning to the main melody at times.

This version is from the arcade version of the game. It's too bad the Sega Genesis version isn't nearly as good, since running at a much lower speed.

© Sega


17. Storm

Main Theme

I played this game on my Atari 130XL when I was eleven. I thought it was difficult because it had messages in English that I didn't understand very well. I truly liked the main theme though. It was one of the best tunes I've ever heard on that computer. It wasn't until a few years ago that I found out that the creator of this tune was no less than legendary composer David Whittaker.

Storm is a great tune from a great composer and a technical achievement on that system. It's only surpassed by modern composers like X-Ray and Greg Kwiatek.

© Mastertronic


18. Axelay



Axelay is not a typical Konami game like Castlevania, Contra or Gradius. Both the gameplay, the graphics and the soundtrack differs a bit from the other games.

The music in Axelay is performed with a huge arsenal of instruments. The drums are also very accented with many fills and tempo changes.

The stage Burning and the Lava Boss showed off jaw-dropping graphic effects on the Super Nintendo at the time. Add this fantastic tune and you have one of the coolest stages in a shoot-em-up.

© Konami



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