Infinite Game Music Vol.5

 Released 24 May 2006


Set in a dark melancholic mood and powered by custom made art by the one and only David Mauro, Infinite Game Music Vol.5 delivers 17 solid power tracks. This volume summons several chiptune legends such as Virt, Role Model and Chibi-Tech. It's also our first compilation to feature non-emulated 8-bit Nintendo music thanks to composers like SLiVeR.

High-res versions of the paper covers are included in the album download.

 Download Infinite Game Music Vol.5 (35 MB)


01. Virt

Blast off Again


Virt is back with new tracks, new energy and performing live with chiptunes for the first time! He recently played at Pulsewave in New York and at E3 in LA giving chiptunes a lovely coverage. He's involved in serveral projects and we're very glad to have him on Infinite Game Music.

Blast off Again was played at Pulsewave and released recently on Virt's site. This is totally hardcore action music and it sounds like something from the space shooter Gradius or perhaps Metroid Prime. Also the variation in this tune is great and it's like listening to a complete game soundtrack in one compact track. The first half of the tune is the "sweeter" part and after a short breakdown it gets really intense and totally hardcore.

Virt is without a doubt one of the best chiptuners out there. He's very technically skilled but also able to deliver catchy and wonderful melodies. We hope that his new FX3 compilation will be out soon (You can download FX3 Preview from his site).

© Jake Kaufman

02. Streets of Rage

Fighting in the Street

The dark action continues with Fighting in the Street from Streets of Rage on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive.

While Streets of Rage isn't quite as good as other fighting games like Street Fighter II, the music really stands out. It's very good background music for a futuristic fighting game and it makes the gaming experience very enjoyable.

© Sega

03. Life Force

Stage 4


Life Force features very varied tracks in a superb space atmosphere. The tunes are short but very loopable and it's hard to get tired of them.

The music in Life Force was a technical achievement as it didn't make use of sampled drums like many other games did. The graphics and gameplay of Life Force are terrific, but the music is beyond that.

Stage 4 starts like it's the beginning of a fantastic journey and goes on with very intriguing and dark melodies.

© Konami


04. Life Force

Stage 5

Like the previous track, Stage 5 loops flawlessly and makes you feel like you're out in space exploring other galaxies. It also features a very interesting bass technique. If you listen carefully behind the lead melody you can hear a low AND a high melody being played at a fast pace. Not only does this make the sound richer but it also works as a bass drum. Very neat.

© Konami



05. Role Model



Chiptune legend Role Model (Johan Kotlinski) is one of Sweden's coolest chiptuners and one of the cornerstones of Swedish chiptune music. Not only does he delivers badass tunes on his Gameboy but he's also the creator of music proram LSDJ and the frontman of chiptune music label Rebel Pet Set.

Pop5 is a raw sounding Gameboy track from Role Model's 8bitpeoples release A New Fragance. With a totally rad arpeggio in the background through the entire tune, Role Model triggers one small melody after the other. The arpeggio articulates very well and follows the rest of the track perfectly.

© Johan Kotlinski


06. IK+

Main Theme

International Karate+ on the Amiga felt very next-gen compared to the C64 version. Also, the music chips on the Amiga were superior to those on the C64 and therefore the music felt even cooler. This track was composed by Dave Lowe and it's cool fighting background music that fits this game very well.

© System 3

07. Delta

Main Theme

The space shooter Delta was a technical masterpiece for the Commodore 64 coded by monster programmer Stavros Fasoulas. It featured more sprites than it was actually possible on that hardware.

The music was composed by Rob Hubbard. It's an intriguing space tune totally different from the music in Life Force. Hubbards' track is not about exploring the outer space but instead about surviving there. It has this end-of-the-world feeling and it really is a great melancholic track.

© Thalamus

08. Streets of Rage

Attack the Barbarian

Another tune from Streets of Rage, Attack the Barbarian by Yuzo Koshiro is a heavy techno tune with a style very typical for European mid 90's (even though Koshiro is Japanese). It makes very good use of the Sega Genesis/Megadrive and creates a great dark, dirty and metallic atmosphere.

© Sega

09. Dragon's Fury

Bonus Table 2

A bonus track from one of the all-time-best pinball games around. This fast paced track features awesome drum play and very cool lead and background melodies. It's not the catchiest tune of them all, but it's very intensive, totally metal and fits our ears (specially M. Ponce's ears) very well.

© Tengen/Techno Soft

10. Actraiser


Fillmore from Actraiser for the Super Nintendo sounds very much like a Castlevania tune. And everybody should know by now that anything that sounds like Castlevania is candy for the ears of Infinte Game Music. Note how skilled Yuzo Koshiro is composing this tune as well as the music on Streets of Rage which is a totally different beast.

We've made a little remixing with this track fading it into an 8-bit Nintendo cover found on the 2A03.org archive. A fun thing to notice is how the NES version simulates the sound of violins better than the original SNES version.

© Square

11. SLiVeR

For The Meek


Starting out sounding like Moon Base (Duck Tales), For The Meek develops into a very varied tune with hoards of effects, arpeggios, great melodies and fantastic drum play. This is not a generic looped track on the NES but instead a complete stand-alone piece from a great composer.

This track was initially composed to show the possibilities of the music program FamiTracker. However, it also shows SLiVeR’s skills as a musician. You can almost see him behind the drumset playing through the entire track.

SLiVeR transferred this track to a physical NES for playback on real hardware (which is kind of the ultimate thing to do with a chiptune) and this is the version featured on this volume. Many thanks to SLiVeR for kindly delivering the tune in this format and we hope for more great tunes from him soon.

© Mike O'Brien

12. Rad Racer

Track 1

This is a fast paced bossa nova-like tune from the great OutRun clone Rad Racer created by no other than Final Fantasy composer Nobuo Uematsu. It's an early NES track that doesn't make use of sampled drums or advanced effects. Still, Uematsu performs some very intersting playing techniques that make the tune very intersting and enjoyable.

A fun fact: We found a review elsewhere on the Internet where they said that the music in Rad Racer was horrible. We couldn’t agree less. :)

© Square

13. Twinklestar Sprites

Intro Theme

Twinklestar Sprites is a shooter/puzzle game for the Neo Geo with loads of Japanese cuteness. The Intro Theme is a very sweet melancholic tune that sounds a little like Final Fantasy on the SNES.

© Alpha Denshi

14. Ark Pandora

Main Theme

While the gameplay and graphics in Ark Pandora are quite lame, the music is a totally different story.

This progressive track is dark and intriguing with a great atmosphere and lots of things going on throughout the tune.

© Rino Marketing

15. Area 88

Boss 2

Boss 2 is pure hardcore action from the game Area 88. It's a short yet effective track that will make you wanna run to your Super Nintendo and fire it up.

© Capcom

16. Castlevania 2

Bloody Tears

With the release of Castlevania 2 the music of the series became tremendously good. Bloody Tears sports a fantastic melancholic melody perfectly suited for adventures in the search for Count Vlad.

This is also one of the first games that featured the sampled drums that made Konami music such a joy.

© Konami

17. Chibi-Tech

Blood-stained Gothic Shota Doll

This is the most impressive technical achievement we've ever heard on a NES. Blood-stained Gothic Shota Doll features heavy electric guitars as well as super sweet melodies on top of that. Starting out sounding like Ministry, Chibi-Tech cleverly switches into a very neat anime melody without loosing any of the heaviness. The drum play is awesome as well.

Somewhere in the middle of the song notice an effect that sounds very simlilar to the sound Little Mac makes when he gets knocked in Punch-Out.

Like SLiVeR's For The Meek, this version of Blood-stained Gothic Shota Doll is recorded from real NES hardware. You'll hardly find more technical advanced music than this on the NES.

Chibi-Tech IS a god. :)

© Chibi-Tech

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