Infinite Game Music Vol.6

 Released 15 Oct 2006


With selections by the wonderful chipmusic lover TrueStar, pixelart master Dmauro and chiptune maniac Lou EightecsVol.6 resembles 15 handpicked chiptunes and video game tunes that kick ass harder than ever before!

High-res versions of the paper covers are included in the album download.

 Download Infinite Game Music Vol.6 (35 MB)


01. Shinobi 3



Enter the world of Shinobi 3, a fantastic ninja action game for the Sega Genesis.

In order to create a great atmosphere in the 8-bit and 16-bit era you definitely needed all help you could get from the game's soundtrack. And what a soundtrack this game has!

Whirlwind is a mystical action track with awesome instruments and superb melodies. It's totally ninja style and it sets up a dark atmosphere that makes me wanna go play the game immediately when I hear it!

Many thanks to Otto from TSR for this awesome hint!


02. Battle Formula

Track 4


This track from Battle Formula sounds like some kind of succesor to the old Spy Hunter. I love the drums in this tune, they really take it away. The bass is a little repetitive but somehow it doesn't matter as the main melody is very intriguing.

For those of you interested in the technical stuff, the bass on this track is completely sampled. This technique is not very common, usually the sample channel is used for drums. The drums you hear here are made using another channel instead. It's interesting and it sounds quite different from tunes from say, Konami or Capcom.


03. Maniac Mansion

Dave's Theme


I was playing this game when my Mom made me get up to do the dishes. Instead of listening to my walkman while doing chores like I normally do, I turned the volume up on the TV and listened to this music instead. An epiphany occured that day. The rest is history.

Dave's Theme is a very sweet tune with some great jammin in the middle. Those sweet sounds really stick to your head. Ask Dmauro, he just couldn't stop listen to this tune a while ago! ^_^



04. USK

Little Sound Disko#06


I have to admit I didn't get this music at all the first time I heard it. "Repetitive and uninteresting", I thought. Instead, 8bitpeoples called Japanese compose USK "inhumanly talented and totally insane chiptune producing factory" so I had to give it a try.

Man, I was so wrong. This is the ULTIMATE chip techno music and IMO one of the best releases on 8bitpeoples! It's totally insane, so heavy and still so sweet. USK is simply a genius and that's probably why it took me a while to understand his music. Fantastic!



05. StarFox 2

Eladard Inside

This is interesting. Nintendo made StarFox 2 for the SNES but it was never released to the public and I don't have a clue how this guy called Yakumo managed to extract the soundtrack. Anyway, many thanks SNESMusic.org for hosting this soundtrack, it's too good to be missed!

Eladard Inside is a neat anime space tune that reminds me of other tunes from the previous Star Fox. The melodies are very engaging and the drumplay does the job very well.



06. Guardian Legend

Track 4

A hypnotizing melancholic track from the space shooter Guardian Legend. It's very short and simple but also facinating and it loops very well. It also makes a great transition from StarFox 2 to the next one...


07. Double Dragon



If anyone ever kidnapped my girlfriend, and I had to fight my way to get her back, I would put my headphones on and listen to this on my iPod to get pumped up. It's a great song that is so perfectly suitable to Double Dragon.

I wouldn't kidnap Dmauro's girlfriend for a trizillion bucks if I had to meet him after he pumped up to this tune (and perhaps the entire soundtrack)! It's so full of energy with loads of little sounds and great melodies.


08. Baken


Armed with Japanese software Piston Collage, Baken delivers Cobra, a dark adventurous tune than can be looped forever. I'm pretty sure Baken found inspiration in the Castlevania series when he created this little masterpiece. It's amazing how much atmosphere and energy he squeezes into this tune. I'm stunned.

Jon Baken

09. Cave Story

Last Battle

This is true modern chipmusic in a modern retro game by Japanese composer Pixel. I couldn't have asked for a better boss track than this one. It resembles action, nostalgia and mayhem in a one minute long loopable Japanese explosion!

Studio Pixel

10. Bionic Commando

Track 6

This is probably the song which most influenced me to take an interest in chiptunes. It has such a sense of grandeur that is so fitting for the bright orange sunset backdrop in this level. The counterpoint of the military snares with the more thoughtful melody sums up the mood of Bionic Commando.


11. Shatterhand


I think the intro in Shatterhand equals the quality of Level 1 in Super C. It brings so much attitude and the feeling that you're about to enter the coolest adventure ever! The sound chip of the NES is squeezed to the maximum, in a similar way modern chiptuners like K-> do.


12. disasterPEACE

Top Gear

I'm not just listening to music, I'm being taken on some kind of fantastic adventure courtesy of disasterPEACE (Rich Vreeland).  I think his approach to chiptune composition is refreshing and unique. It was difficult to single one out, but check out his website for more, including where to get the new Atebite and the Warring Nations.

disasterPEACE delivers far more than the usual one-minute-chiptune in this eight minute long remix of Top Gear. This is an epic adventure that sets a new level in chipmusic.


13. Gremlins 2

Track 3

I am a very outspoken fan of this soundtrack. It does such a good job of replicating the mood of the movie with entirely new songs. It is weird, creepy and fun with lots of variety, but a consistent sound.

This track is very similar to the first level in Capcom's classic Ghost n' Goblins. As Dmauro says it's a spooky track that features loads of funny effects that totally fit the game.


14. Turrican 2

World 5

I think Turrican 2 was even better than the first installment of the series. This varied track makes great use of the music capabilities of the Amiga. It's a track quite different from other action tracks on the SNES or the Sega Genesis. As with so many other tunes from that era, I can hear influences from one of my favorite composers Jean Michel Jarre here as well. :)

System 5

15. Earthbound


I always thought this game was ahead of its time and one of my favorites. I think this song does a good job of getting that 'big city' feeling.  I take it on all of my trips to New York City.



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