Infinite Game Music Vol.7

 Released 9 April 2007


Hello, Baron Knoxburry here. First off, I would like to thank Eightecs for giving me this opportunity. Video game music is a genre that has affected at least as much as any other type of music on Earth. I've been listening to the chirps of 8bit since I was 4 years old, when the family got a Commodore VIC 20.I offer here the most amazing and inspiring tunes I could muster from my dusty old memory banks. Please enjoy!! =D --thee Baron of Knoxburry


High-res versions of the paper covers are included in the album download.

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01. Solstice

intro & in-game

Tim Follin really outdid himself throughout this soundtrack. The cut scene music, when you start the game, is dramatic as all hell. Then, while wondering aimlessly for hours in the game, your little Shadax is accompanied by what my Mom would refer to as 'tomahawk music' after trying to take a nap while I had it cranked up LOUD.

CSG Imagesoft 1989

02. Earthworm Jim

Andy Asteroids

I do not understand how a worm in a biomechanical suit can make me feel like a hick. But here it is with more twang than you can shake a stick at. Somehow, bluegrass and flying through a wormhole go together. The Genesis never sounded so truckin'! (animal noises included)

Shiny Entertainment & Virgin Interactive 1994

03. Dr. Mario

music b

A funky track by one of my favorite vgm composers, Hirokazu 'Hip' Tanaka. Makes me bust a tweaky move when I'm disenfecting vermon. Now, if I could just get my hands on some of those multi-colored pills!! =D

Nintendo 1990


04. T&C Surf Design


Chugg chugg chugg chugg metal 8bit!! I try to play long enough just to hear the solo. And if the evergrowing levels end just before that lead starts I get really sad!!

LJN Toys 1987


05. Double Dragon

level 1

The drummer is on adrenaline and I want to punch some Lindas with whips. More metal arpeggiated solos! I'm going to put a stop to this back city alley violence once and for all!!

Technos Japan 1988


06. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out

in the ring

I love synchopated octave jumping basslines. The pulse of pugilism! And a good melody gives you something soothing while waiting for the 2nd Don Flamenco to throw a punch.

Nintendo 1987

07. Fester's Quest

Addam's Family theme NSF mix

Get down with your bad family! Symphonic hits and whistles make this an instant dance classic. Fester is pumped and ready to save the world.

Sun Corp 1989

08. Excite Bike

complete OST

This cartridge is loaded with a few happy little ditties and some very memorable sound effects.

Nintendo 1984

09. Ninja Spirit

level ?

I don't care what anyone ever says -- This is the best ninja video game ever. More ninja than you can ninja! NINJA!! This game had a built-in music tester with built-in lights and my built-in memory will not let me forget this Turbo Grafx 16 ninja game!!

IREM 1990

10. Faxanadu

final temple

Bust out your most expensive magic and destroy the evil giant skull & bird legs monster. This whole game has a lot of great songs and probably my favorite action RPG for the NES.

Hudson Soft 1987

11. Tengen Tetris


Originally a classic Russian folk song. I went through hell on eBay tracking one fo these down for some reason. And I was anticipating it would be just like the arcade which seems a lot more fun than the nintendo version. Oops - but I love this music!!

BPS 1988

12. Metal Gear

inside building

"Don't mind me. This incredibly suspenseful music just follows me around while I snoop inside your top-secret base."

Konami 1987

13. Balloon Fight

complete OST

Just like Excitebike -- this cartridge is full of fun little tracks and memorable sounds. This one is another by Hip Tanaka. The one long tune is one of the funkiest things I've ever heard on the nes.

Nintendo 1985

14. Mega Man 2

Dr. Wily fortress stage 1 & 2

This has got be one of the finest rock grooves from the 1980's all. I wish I had a giant fortress with a skull on it and a giant black room inside with a giant robotic flying dragon in it and then a little blue robot man would come in and blow it up real good so I could watch!

Capcom 1988

15. R-Type

level 1

Another fun Turbo Grafx 16 game I had. I give it a high rating on the excitement level. The graphics were exciting too.

Irem/Nintendo 1987

16. Marble Madness

level 1

This arcade game had the honors having an FM synthesis chip and a good programmer. Other tunes really show off what you can do with FM synth-chips but this is the track people always remember.

Atari Games 1984

17. Mike Tyson's Punch-Out


Train all day! Train all night! Don't give up, Little Mack!! Life is a fight! Fight for life!! ANNNND TRAAAAIINN!!

© Nintendo 1987

18. Double Dragon

level 3

It looks like it's dusk outside. Our hero is on a dusty path. And this is some very, very serious "I'm gonna bash yer head in with my knee and then throw you by the hair over my shoulder!" type music.

© Technos Japan 1988

19. Solstice

title & demo screens

This is one of my favorite instrumentals ever written. I've spent a lot of time looking at copyrights, credits and short little demos just for the right to hear this over and over agian. First it kicks you in your face and then around 1:40 it drops into a waltz that kicks you in the throat.

© CSG Imagesoft 1989

20. Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Aquatic Ruin Zone

Originally I was thinking of the Marble Zone music from Sonic 1 which makes me feel like I'm riding an elevator to a Southern European cafe. But no, no, no. When I heard the Aquatic Ruin Zone again I instantly remembered the level being partially underwater. It puts a strain on your relationship with Sonic. "Hey, idiot, get that air bubble and make that (p'qua) sound before I kill you again!!"

Sega 1992

21 Castlevania II : Simon's Quest

Silence of Daylight

If I had to find the five body parts of a slayed foe from the far reaches of a kingdom I would want to start by walking around town with this music in my headphones. The way the different instruments play off of each other here has always boggled my mind. ...someday I'll get it .... someday...

Konami 1987

22. Super Mario World

inside castle

Very theatrical. At 0:52 the pulse takes a fun and surprising twist. It sounds a little haunted and elastic. The extra voices come in around 1:30 and really tweak it up.

Nintendo 1990


23. Nintendo Tetris

music c


How could we have one Tetris and not the other? Of the three songs this one is the most ambient. "Hold on to me, brah!! I'm totally trippin' out, m'yan!! Look at THE FREEAAKKINNG COLORS!!!"

© Nintendo 1989

24. Metroid


Another Hip Tanaka soundtrack. I think this is the only video game with some music in a 13/4 time signature. It gives it that methodically drunken stupor feel. Messes me up more than those Puffy Puff Puffs in Yoshi's Island.

Nintendo 1986

25. Diablo


This music quickly puts me in a very specific emotional space. Like, "I just committed mass genocide and plunderings in the bowels of hell right below your quaint, little village. Would you like to buy some stuff from me?", kind of way. Shivers down my spine.

Blizzard 1996

26. LoZ Ocarina of Time

Fire Temple

I got a N64 just so I could play this game. Getting Zelda64 right when it came out, mine was a gold, original-release cartridge. This is the only music from this game I like and I do like it quite a bit. I was very upset when I got the soundtrack just for this music and it was not there. Years later I found that this is actually a Muslim chant in Arabic. ...such a politically correct world anymore...

Nintendo 1998

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