Rebel Pet Set


Rebel Pet Set is a record label based in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a shoot-off (and an anagram) of electronic underground label Bleep Street founded in 1998 by Johan Kotlinski, the creator of Game Boy music program Little Sound Dj.




Kohina is a free "just for fun" web stream, streaming the classic 8/16 bit computer, arcade, and console music of our misspent youth, as well as the latest scene music from the platforms that remain active.




Vorc is a news site dedicated to chiptunes and game music. Lots of info about current releases, tour dates for chip musicians and more. News are updated every day.


2A03 - The NES Music Archive


The NES Music Archive provides new Nintendo 8-bit music for playback on your PC/Mac. You'll find great tunes from modern composers.



SNESMusic.org is one of the best archives if you're looking for complete Super Nintendo soundtracks.



Project2612 is your one and only source on the web for Sega Genesis/Mega Drive VGM soundtracks.


Zophars Domain

Zophars Domain is a huge archive that offers music from Genesis, NES, Gameboy, N64 and more in thier "native" formats. Zophars also hosts players for all the different formats.


Overclocked Remix

Overclocked ReMix is an established archive and community that brings you remixed and enhanced game music. It features tons of remixed old-school game music nicely organized by composer, remixer, sound system and so on.

OverClocked ReMix is dedicated to reviving the video and computer game music of yesterday, and reinterpreting that of today, with new technology & capabilities.



Video Game Music Quiz is a project launched in October 2005 intended to become the Internet's biggest quiz on video game music.



Retropoly is a german site that provides information on a lot of retro platforms as well as music compilations for download.


GM4A (Game Music 4 All)

GM4A is dedicated to the promotion of all video game inspired music today. Find out about all the best video game music cover bands, chiptune artists, video game remixers, nerdcore rappers, micromusicians, and 8 bit artists, as well as concerts, news, and interviews.




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